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Blinds are a great, relatively inexpensive way to cover any window. Wood and faux (vinyl) are the most popular materials. Blinds give excellent light control and privacy, have a timeless elegant look  and are less expensive than shutters. In an age of all plastic, all of our 2" horizontal blinds come with a metal head rail and components, real wood tassels or pulls, and come standard with an upgraded 3 1/2" decorative valance. (numerous paint and stain choices/ fabric tapes available)

Our 2" FAUX Blinds have the same features as our wood blinds with smooth slats (textured available) real wood pulls and valance, and won't warp like some mass produced, big box store blinds. (7 color choices/ fabric tapes available)
Faux blinds are about 20% less than wood.

We also offer a full line of Vertical Blinds, Mini Blinds, and 1" Wood Blinds. Call For Your FREE ESTIMATE.